Bitcoin Purchases on Square Cash App Reaches All-Time High of Nearly $150 Million in Q3

Square Cash app, one of the leading places to buy bitcoin, recorded nearly $150 million in Q3, making it the sixth straight quarter of growth.

Bitcoin has reached an all-time high of $148 million this quarter on the square cash application. Kevin Rooke, a cryptocurrency analyst stated that the continued growth of cryptocurrency payments made from the app equates to a 244% YoY.

Although the $150 million could be seen as an insignificant amount of money compared to bitcoin’s overall market cap, it pays to mention that some analysts have come to the conclusion that the application is accounting for a large portion of BTC trades.

Bitcoin’s strong performance continues in the face of a strong downturn from its previous high of $20,000 that was made back in 2017. The coin remains below 50% of its ATH value.

Matthew North
Matthew is a virtual currency specialist based in New Zealand and has written about them since 2017. Matthew hopes to educate the public on the potential of blockchain technologies and how they will disrupt the future of finance.


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