Prominent Crypto Analyst Says Bitcoin Price Will Go To $1 Million After ‘Super Hyper Inflation’

The price of Bitcoin often changes with political developments and other changes in the economy, but there are many consumers that believe there will be enough faith from investors to push the value up to $1 million. Still, crypto analyst Marius Landman thinks there are a couple of sudden movements that will happen first.

  • Marius Landman believes that Bitcoin will reach $1 million per BTC by the end of 2020.
  • Landman also believes that there will be movement with Litecoin that surprises the cryptocurrency community.

Crypto analyst and asset manager, Marius Landman, has been watching the price of Bitcoin lately. Recently, he made predictions that Bitcoin is headed towards massive inflation before a major rise to $1 million. He also stated that the next two “subito motus” in this industry will be good for both technical traders and everyday investors.

As Landman sees it, the only way that Bitcoin will ultimately be able to reach $1 million in value until it is met with “super hyperinflation.” Bitcoin is set up to be protected from inflation by cutting miners’ rewards in half every four years, of which the next instance is set to happen in May 2020.

In this circumstance, the analyst is specifically speaking to a substantial price decline, stating that the scale of price movement will be much bigger. The market’s present drops of $1,000 may seem massive right now but moving towards $1 million for Bitcoin wouldn’t come with the same shock. A price correction of $20,000 then would be as minor as $100 movement of Bitcoin nowadays, according to Landman.

The only other person that seems to think that Bitcoin could ultimately reach $1 million is John McAfee, the controversial former owner of the popular antivirus company and crypto fanatic. McAfee has made multiple personal wagers that Bitcoin would be able to reach $1 million by the end of next year. Even some of the biggest Bitcoin bulls, like Tom Lee of Fundstrat and Max Keiser, have much lower forecasts in Bitcoin price.

Landman also believes that there will be two sudden movements coming up for Bitcoin and that Litecoin will create a major surprise for the entire community, specifically for “uninformed investors.”

When Landman isn’t working on the market analytics and managing cryptocurrency assets, he supports social development projects, like the More Water Project, which he promoted on his website. More Water Project aims to bring fresh water to communities in Africa, and Landman is collaborating with the team to collect donations that will be used to drill local water wells.

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